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January 3, 2020
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January 1, 2020

Kung Fu Portal

Corporate ID & Logo Design

Kung Fu Portal was an online encyclopedia dedicated to Kung Fu and all of its aspects that might be lesser known to the public. Philosophy, botanology, martial arts ethics, history and health were one of the wide range of topics a user could find browsing through its pages. It also served as a Kung Fu school and martial arts equipment store index.

So, because of it being mainly a knowledge base, we designed Kung Fu Portal's image based on the philosophical aspect that started it all: The Dao (the Way). It's traditionally represented by the Yin Yang symbol, which we incorporated in the natural scenery of the logo. The colors chosen here show power and energy, and there are even some Kung Fu Kwoon (equivalent of a Dojo) which use those same colors. And on the mountain top, sitting calmly under his tree, is the serene meditator gazing into the setting sun.